Apples and a Dark Room

In 1993/94 I spent quite a bit of time in the University dark rooms. One of the projects was a photomontage, and I spent quite a bit of time with apples photographing them and drawing with the negatives on an enlarger.

I recently found a box with some of my experiments in them, which I’ve scanned and posted to Flickr.

Link for those on non Flash enabled browsers/platforms.

Some of the images were subjected to post processing in chemical baths – I forget what they were, but this will explain some of the odd tinting. I also salarised them quite a lot – that is by turning the main on and off very quickly before processing the photographic paper.

Fun days.


The above image is two photos, one taken before I had eaten the apple and one after and then superimposed in the darkroom. That one took a few goes (and apples IIRC) to get right. These days, we’d just use Photoshop and move on to the next job.