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No Starbucks in Colchester?


Having had odd results from Apple’s new Maps app the other day, I thought I’d give it another shot today. The other day, I wondered if it could find me a branch of Costa in Chelmsford. In fact, it found me just about every café APART from Costa. Costa, being a big brand in the high street coffee market should, I thought, be on those naps from the off.

I am fairly close to Colchester, so I repeated the experiment. No results for Costa or Starbucks. I know there are at least two branches of Costa there, and one Starbucks. I repeated the Starbucks search using Google’s web app on the phone. As you would expect, the Starbucks I was thinking if gets listed. Screen shots of both apps above, with Apple to the left and Google to the right.

What is good is independents are there already, so they may get a period of good trading while the giants wake up.