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Wild Fowl in Central Park

They say that the best camera you own is the one you have with you, and I have to agree with it. Last Saturday, on my sometimes usual walk into the City Centre (Chelmsford being a city now, not just a middling sized market town with administrative power over Essex), I walk past a lake by the railway viaduct. This weekend, it seems that a lot of the birdlife that lives there has nely hatched young, and I was, thanks to my iPhone, I was able to catch some of these birds as they went around their business.

The only problem here is that the iPhone has no zoom on the video, so you get as close as you can as the parent birds are happy with. I personally don’t want an argument with a swan, or a goose to that matter. The good thing is that the brids are fairly tolerant of human traffic, so that goes a long way to helping me get up close. Anyway, footage above shot on an iPhone, and to complete the iOS workflow, edited on an iPad.

Of course, if I turn up with my proper vidoe camera and tripod next weekend, they’ll not be there.

To view in 720p HD video, follow this link. It seems that Posterous’s YouTube experience won’t go that far.

Springwatch. Not very good really.

Springwatch is a TV poorly names programme screened on the BBC in Summer where some TV presenters look at the English countryside and a little twee about it all.


It’s not a programme I like watching because unlike a lot of other BBC natural history output, this seems to focus more on the presenters’ reactions to each other rather than the things they are supposed to be looking at.

Watching Springwatch is a bit like going to a village hall where some water colours have been put on show by the local amateur art society. It’s all a bit precious, and no one is keen to step outside of the accepted comfort zone of the group.

It}s a shame because there is unused talent amongst the presenters. If Simon KIng were given a series about natural history photography, I‘d watch it. Here he seems to be wasted.