Continuing with Holmes Card Workshop

Things have moved on a bit since the last post on this subject. The first thing that is noticeable is that it looks much more like a proper application. The tools to the right are lined up better, and when the window is resized, the window’s contents don”t completely fall apart!

I’m using StackViews, which seem to help hold an application together, and requires far few of those constraints which I find rather annoying. Even now, I have a few that are causing notices when the application is built.

The other thing I am doing is building in filters. Not only are the brightness, contrast etc. filters, but I am also looking at adding “Instagram-like” filters too – so you can change the appearance of the photo with a single click. This has involved me finding out how to build collection views, so I can create a dynamic selection – so if I want to add more, it’ll be a case of adding the name, thumbnail, and the code that creates the image. The collection view builds the selection from the list of available filters.

As it stands the application is much closer to where I want it to be, with images being imported, processed, and exported as a Holmes Card-type image. Lots more to do!