Holmes Card Workshop – Decorations

I’ve been doing more with this application recently. The main aims here are to make the inspector panel (on the right) reflect more of what the user is doing, and to allow the user to import simple decorations and manipulate them on the card level.

As the user clicks on an element in the design area, the panel to the right will change accordingly. So if you click on the photos, the panel will show information and controls for it, and so on. At the moment, there are tabs on display (this is to help me debug stuff), but they will eventually go.

I have also introduced the option to add decorations to the card layer. I’ve been thinking about how I can organise this for a while (given my limited knowledge on writing stuff like this), and I remembered that in real life, stereo cards comprised of the photos being glued onto pre-cut cards. These cards would have some limited decoration on them (possibly the logo of the company that made them, and a caption, maybe a framing element), the photos themselves would be entirely separate. So, the application mimics this. The photos are always above the decorations. There may still be the need to change the order of layered elements, but fo now, this will do. I honestly don”t think that you would want to put hundreds of elements on a card anyway, it’s likely that three or four may be ore than plenty. The main focus is always the photo. Too much fuss and palava around the edges can distract, especially when looking through a viewer.

The video shows the MPO being imported into the document, a card texture applied, and a frame added. It also shows the frame being coloured, so even though it’s black to start with, that can be changed. Also, a decorative element is imported, scaled, and, again, coloured.

The resulting image is then exported as a PNG file for opening in another application.

This application is moving on nicely, I think. Lots still to do, but also lots done.