Holmes Card Workshop – See it Work!

It has been a while since I looked at this, because I get distracted, and there are also times when other things need my attention.  However, this has been in the back of my mind for a while, so I took another look at it. This is where I am right now. The application will take an MPO file, split it up, and create a Holmes Card type image from it. It will also take an image with both left and right images side by side, and split that in two as well, so images from real film cameras can be brought in.

But It’s All Wrong!

Actually, what brought me back to this was the niggle that really this should be working at the document level. Making it work on documents would allow me to (eventually) get it to save the file for future loading and editing. So I’ve started on that. I realised that I had made some fundamental mistakes which need sorting out too, so more time has been spent on getting that fixed than anything else.

Right now, I have something that is part way to what you see in the video. This time, you can create a new document in a new tab and work on that. It’s now possible to have more than one card being worked on at once. I have a few more things to add in – the selectors at the bottom for cards, shapes and filters aren’t there yet, as well as finish up the existing image controls to the right. Once that’s done, I can think about saving and loading, which I expect will be a Google-busting marathon of searching and reading.