Holmes Card Workshop – UI Refinements

Feeling rather pleased with this today. I’ve been doing some UI refinements, most of which has needed work in the background which haven’t really had much front-facing action. However, the screen shot shows what’s been achieved.

Most importantly (for me), the selections for the various card settings has been moved from sheets that appear to a carousel kind of selection at the bottom of the window. It’s now a case of scrolling and clicking, and the result is shown instantly. Importantly, for me, is that the filters selection uses the image the user is working on, rather than a dummy image. This also reflects the zoom setting as well. In fact, any of the image control options will also feed into these filters, so the user always sees a quick view of what the main image will look like. I’m rather pleased I managed to do this. Again, I’m thinking “this will be really hard to do” and surprising myself that, in most cases I just need make a small adjustment to existing code.

I’ve also been playing the Core Image filters to make more effects. Not too sure if I like the results yet, but I’m sure I can refine them.

Still not even thought about the “save this as a document” option yet – but I do feel that needs to happen. I’ll need to hit Google a lot of that, I think.