Holmes Card Workshop – UI Refinements

Feeling rather pleased with this today. I’ve been doing some UI refinements, most of which has needed work in the background which haven’t really had much front-facing action. However, the screen shot shows what’s been achieved.

Most importantly (for me), the selections for the various card settings has been moved from sheets that appear to a carousel kind of selection at the bottom of the window. It’s now a case of scrolling and clicking, and the result is shown instantly. Importantly, for me, is that the filters selection uses the image the user is working on, rather than a dummy image. This also reflects the zoom setting as well. In fact, any of the image control options will also feed into these filters, so the user always sees a quick view of what the main image will look like. I’m rather pleased I managed to do this. Again, I’m thinking “this will be really hard to do” and surprising myself that, in most cases I just need make a small adjustment to existing code.

I’ve also been playing the Core Image filters to make more effects. Not too sure if I like the results yet, but I’m sure I can refine them.

Still not even thought about the “save this as a document” option yet – but I do feel that needs to happen. I’ll need to hit Google a lot of that, I think.

Holmes Card Workshop – New UI

I bit the bullet. After some thought, I decided that it was better to present the options in a pane below the card preview, rather than have the slide over and back. The reduces the number of mouse clicks from three to one to see the result of the chosen option. This brings it into line with the controls to the right which are as instant as I can make them. A much better experience, I believe.

Next – clean up the presentation of the thumbnails (they all have to occupy the same vertical space now), remove some buttons and look at what happens when the window is resized (which isn’t great at the moment).