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Making the Old work with the New


Yesterday, I took my Acorn A305 – a 25 year old computer – to another Paul who has developed a rather cunning way of getting these old machines to display correctly on a modern LCD monitor.

After some soldering (a skill I have not developed) and some detective work with some jumpers (used to various control signals to/from the video circuitry), the machine’s upgrade was completed, and we got a display on an LCD screen. I say “we” – Paul was the one doing most, if not all, of the work here.

The really clever bit is that the modification is software controlled, so no need for manual switching. The software knows what signal to send to the monitor and flips the added hardware as required. So it’s invisible to the user. Clever stuff indeed.

For more on this, visit Paul’s website: http://www.retro-kit.co.uk/VIDC-Enhancer/

These are now available to buy: http://www.retro-kit.co.uk/site_news.cfm#NewsID38