The Lego ZX81 – Finished!

My Lego ZX81!

Yesterday, my Lego ZX81 kit arrived. Until very recently, Lego have run a programme where you can design a model in their Lego Digital Designer software, upload it and have a proper set sent to you, complete with instructions and a custom box.

So, I designed a model of a Sinclair ZX81 using the software, uploaded the model and bought a set. 

Here are some photos of the model, as well as some comparison shots with a real ZX81.

For non-Flash people, the Flickr set can be viewed here.

I got the dimensions slightly off – the Lego model is slightly bigger than the real thing. However, the proportions of things like the keyboard etc. is about right, so I’m happy with it. I even manged to get a Lego Minifig of Clive Sinclair from the parts available to me!


I have now proposed this as a model for Lego to commercialise. It needs 10,000 votes to be considered. Please vote!

Links and Information

Blogs – people have been blogging the Lego ZX81 – see links here

The kit arrived – some initial photos

Screen shot of the Lego ZX81 in Lego Digital Designer

Another Screen Shot from Lego Digital Designer


7 thoughts on “The Lego ZX81 – Finished!

  1. Oooh voted! The 16k ram pack would likely stay in better on a lego version than the real thing! Love the fact that they do a custom box as well. You said they don’t do this anymore, but how much did this cost?

  2. Sadly, they stopped the custom box sets in January, which is a shame. The ZX81 set cost around £60. I suspect some of my planned models would have cost significantly more under this scheme. It could be an expensive project!You can still order the bricks to make the models – but you have to select them manually now.

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