Using Russian Revolutionary Art for Apple Watch Faces

With Watch OS 4, Apple introduced a new kind of watch face – Kaleidoscopic. This takes an image, fragments it, and makes makes moving patterns on the watch face. There are a few floral examples to play with, but you can also select your own.

I didn’t find the examples very satisfying, and even using my own photos wasn’t much better. It was only after I tried a detail of The Sex Pistols’ album Never Mind The Bollocks that I discovered the potential of more graphical images for the Kaleidoscope watch faces.

The next Image I took was actually from a ZX Spectrum game which was released as support material for Mr Biffo’s Found Footage (it’s bat shit mental, by the way, but well worth watching).

This gave some very interesting images on the watch face. Very bold, with bright, bold colours. Suddenly, the Kaleidoscope watch face had potential.

Do you see?

This was great, but what other source of images would easily provide similar results? The answer was clear: Russian Constructivism.

Enter Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge.

Which gives faces like this

And then this one (apparently called Обложка журнала «Полиграфическое производство» № 6)

The results from that are

And currently on my wrist, I have a face derived from Books (Please)! In All Branches of Knowledge,  by Alexander Rodchenko

If you are looking for a good source of images for your Watch face, then clearly bold, steak graphical images is the way to go. It doesn’t have to be Russian Constructivism, of course, but anything that has a similar look will gives striking results.